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Gadwal silk sarees online wholesale

gadwal pattu sarees

Gadwal silk sarees made in Gadwal which is located in jogulamba Gadwal district in the state of Telangana. Gadwal sarees handcrafted sarees. Silk sarees are also have another name that is sico sarees. Gadwal silk sarees have cotton body and pally is with silk. Gadwal pattu sarees also called sico sarees. The material which is used in Gadwal sarees is silk material. Gadwal pattu sarees are owed with hand.

gadwal silk sarees

Pattu sarees are very good traditional sarees. Gadwal sarees are used mostly above 45 years of woman’s. mostly,Gadwal sarees are wear for occasions like Pooja, marriages, functions, etc,. Paatu sarees are very beautiful sarees. Gadwal sarees are one of the category in traditional sarees. Gadwal handloom sarees are rich looking sarees. Many colors are available in Gadwal sarees. Silk sarees consists zari border. Pattu sarees are preferable to wear for formal occasions. Gadwal sarees are available in two models that is

1. Pure Gadwal silk
2. Pure Gadwal cotton sarees

In Gadwal sarees different colours of threads used to weave. Designer blouse looks very beautiful with Gadwal saree. Gadwal cotton sarees used regular. Silk sarees


gadwal pattu sarees

Gadwal silk sarees price

Gadwal handloom sarees available with different price range started with 3000 and above.

Maintance gadwal pattu sarees

Silk sarees are little careful, wash only with cold water. And Don’t use brush for pattu sarees. After washing silk sarees don’t squeeze. Gadwal sarees better to wash with shampoo water or give it to dry wash. After washing don’t dry it in direct sunlight.

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