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Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari sarees

Kalamkari sarees made in pedana, near machilipatnam. Which is located in krishna District in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The word kalamkari came from Persian. This derived from the word qalam, it means pen. And kari means craftsmanship. Meaning for kalamkari is drawing with a pen.

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Kalamkari sarees hand painted sarees. And kalamkari sarees block printed sarees produced in Iran and India. These sarees very beautiful and mostly used for traditional functions. Kalamkari sarees hand work sarees.  And pen is used to drawing the art and filling the colors. This print not only used for sarees and also used for hand kerchiefs, Bedsheets, dupatta, dress materials, etc., These sarees is totally handcraft sarees. Kalamkari art taken from Persian art. The art printed in kalamkari saree taken from Hindu puranas that is ramayana, mahabharata etc.,. Now a days kalamkari sarees are very familiar. And now new designs printed in the kalamkari saree that is Buddha face, goddess face etc,. Now a days kalamkari wall hanging also familiar. kalamkari print can used in different fabrics like cotton, Georgette, etc.,.

kalamkari sarees price:

Price is different for each fabric. it is depends up on the quality. For example if fabric is cotton the price between 500 to 2000 and more. If fabric is Georgette than the price between 1200 to 2500.


These sarees are very easy to maintain. we can wash with hot or clod water. After washing don’t dry it in direct sun light.

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