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Georgette Sarees

Georgette sarees

Georgette sarees are very light weight sarees. Georgette sarees are very convenient to wear every day. Madame georgette de la plante introduces this georgette fabric. She is a fashion designer. Georgette sarees are made from silk fabric. Georgette fabric made of twisted yarn. We can also wash georgette sarees in the washing machine also. Georgette sarees are available with different colors. Georgette not only used for sarees and also used for blouses, dupattas, Kurtis, kurtas, frocks, etc.,. Pure Georgette woven with silk yarn. Georgethe sarees can be easily maintain. Georgette is two types that is pure georgette and faux georgette. Pure georgethe waved with silk yarn. Faux georgette waved with polyester and rayon. Georgethe is the word from French. Georgette is very stronger fabric. Women in Georgette saree are very beautiful.

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Georgette are available in various types

Silk georgette
Viscose georgette
Polyester georgette
Jacquard georgette
Nylon georgette
Satin georgette


Price for pure georgette is very expensive by compared to normal georgette. For example normal georgette saree price is  500, pure georgette price is 1800 to 2000 and more. Price is depends up on their quality.


Georgette fabric is very stronger than chiffon fabric and maintenance of georgette fabric is little same as chiffon fabric.

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