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Chanderi sarees online wholesale

chanderi sarees online

Chanderi sarees online available. Chanderi sarees made in chenderi in the state of Madhya Pradesh, india. Weaving of chanderi emerged in between 2nd & 7th centuries. Chanderi sarees tradition begains in 13th century. When the begining of chenderi sarees weaver are Muslims during mughal period. Chandheri sarees made with silk mixed. Chandheri sarees slightly shimmering sarees. This Chanderi sarees are not falling sarees, its stiff sarees. Mostly Chanderi sarees are suitable for slim or lean personality ladies. Chanderi sarees printed different patterns like floral arts, peacock, coin and more. Unique chanderi sarees woven gold zari border and double lines of gold zari patterns.

Chanderi sarees online

Now a days peoples will purchase chanderi sarees online sites like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, paytm, limeroad and more. Unique Chanderi sarees mostly used womens who crossed 45 yrs age, because it looks like cotton sarees. Chanderi fabric classified in to 3 types.

1. Chanderi cotton
2. Chanderi silk cotton
3. Chanderi pure silk

Chanderi fabric is not only used for sarees and also used for kurtis, kurthas, dress materials and dupatta’s. Now a days all womens likely to wear Chanderi sarees. Chanderi sarees are light weight sarees. And Chanderi sarees are transparent sarees.


chanderi sarees


Chanderi sare price and maintenance :

Chanderi sarees needs a special care don’t dry in direct sunlight. Only dry in shade. Don’t wash with mild detergent, only give to dry clean. Chanderi sarees available below 1000 and above 1000 also.

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