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Traditional venkatagiri handloom sarees online

venkatagiri handloom sarees

Traditional Venkatagiri handloom sarees made in venkatagiri in Nellore district which is located in state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Venkatagiri handloom sarees handcrafted sarees. The raw materials which is used to weave traditional Venkatagiri sarees are gold and silver zari, cotton hank, naphthol etc,. Venkatagiri sarees made with fine cotton and significant use of zari.


traditional venkatagiri sarees


Traditional venkatagiri handloom sarees online


Traditional Venkatagiri sarees have different varieties that are venkatagiri pattu sarees or venkatagiri silk sarees, venkatagiri 100. From these venkatagiri 100 is very popular. And Venkatagiri sarees are traditional sarees. Venkatagiri sarees are completely hand owen sarees. These sarees are available in online store like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and more. Now a days maximum shopping malls selling these type of sarees. Traditional Venkatagiri sarees are completely decent looking sarees and light weight saree also. Venkatagiri sarees are weave with different designs like buttas, peacock, leaf and more designs. Mostly Venkatagiri sarees preferred south Indian women. Venkatagiri sarees is jamdhani design of parrot, peacock, mango, leaf, swan, floral designs consista in the pallu.


venkatagiri sarees


Venkatagiri silk sarees or venkatagiri pattu sarees waves fine quality workmanship. HandloomVenkatagiri silk sarees unique fabric and long lasting qualities. Handloom venkatagiri cotton sarees uses traditional festivals and functions.


Venkatagiri sarees price and maintenance:

Handloom Venkatagiri sarees price will be above 1500. Venkatagiri sarees easy wash with cold water and dry it in light.

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