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Top 20 Linen embroidery sarees collections

green Linen embroidery sarees

Linen embroidery sarees collections buy at siri designers with best price. All types of embroidery designs on linen saree are available.

Embroidered work on linen saree:

Embroidery design can be done by using multi colour threads like gold, silver, silk or other fabric material. Embroidery designs enhance the colour and fabric type. Cutwork may be utilized to design the linen saree. It also may be used for blouse neck. The Kutch Embroidery work done by using silk or cotton threads on the linen fabric. The Kutch embroidery design also made on satin or silk fabric.

This embroidery design contains various kinds of stitches like running stitch, double buttonhole, sq chain, pattern darning, satin and straight stitches. By using various kinds of colour combination threads or mirror to do. Sequin and thread embroidery designs are popular in Arabic nations too. Mainly you can see such designs digitized on neck embroidery designs, suits, shawls, and sarees. Sequins and multicolored threads enhance the overall look of the fabric and enhance the colour of the fabric. This embroidery design work are extremely common in India. Multicolor silk threads and mirror work embroidery can enhance any types of fabric.


Top 20 Linen embroidery sarees collections with images are below



Top 20 Linen embroidery sarees collections

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Saree designs: These Sarees are came plain color on that embroidery work will be done.

Blouse: Running

Price: 3000/- shipping extra.

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Payment mode: Google pay or tez , paytm, net banking, bank deposit, paypal, debit and credit card also acceptable.

No cash on delivery…..

Embroidery designs:

This embroidery design done by utilizing the mirror and multicolor threads. Hand Stitched embroidery design most popular in nowadays in India. Pita works in very popular embroidery design in nowadays in India. Pita embroidery work commonly known as Dabke ka Naam in the Hindi language in India. It’s the most famous embroidery design on linen sarees, lehengas and designer suits. This type of embroidery design done by using hand stitches to make the design unique. Zardozi embroidery work beautiful metal and zari embroidery, which once used to adorn the attire of the Royals and Kings in India.

Zardosi embroidery work is a type of embroidery in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This zardosi work involves the use of silver and gold colour threads, stones, beads, sequins, and glass. Zardosi embroidery work enhances your lehengas, sarees or suits if done in silver and gold colour thread. Phulkari embroidery work from the Punjab region and Punjab known for its Phulkaris.

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