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Mangalagiri handloom silk sarees online

mangalagiri pattu sarees

Mangalagiri silk sarees weave in mangalagiri near guntur in the state of Andhara Pradesh, India. Mangalagiri pattu sarees are completely hand woven sarees. This silk sarees weaving with helf of pit looms from combed yarn. Mangalagiri handloom sarees fabric was undergoes with dyeing process. Raw materials which is used to weave mangalagiri sarees was pure cotton yarns, cotton-silk or mercerized cotton. Mangalagiri sarees weaves with gold and silver zari, natural dye, chemicals and synthatic. Mostly mangalagiri sarees are ware for festivals and special occasions like marriages, birthday, pooja and etc,. Middle age womens like to wear mangalagiri silk sarees. It is fine count quality weaves.

Mangalagiri silk sarees wholesale

This pattu sarees are traditional sarees. Mangalagiri handloom sarees was cotton sarees with zari. This sarees looks gorgeous and elegant. Nowadays Mangalagiri sarees sell in online like flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal, paytm, and facebook page also.
Mangalagiri pattu sarees design with like leaf, mango, parrot, gold coin and etc,. Count is an indication of the fineness of a Mangalagiri saree. Mangalagiri saree quality based on the threads per square inch in weft and warp. This counts range from 40 to 120.

Mangalagiri sarees with price

Mangalgiri sarees price start above 1000 to below 5000.

Maintenance for Mangalagiri pattu sarees

Mangalagiri saree was easy wash with cold water and dry it in light. After drying this saree we need to iron the saree to look more beautiful.

Mangalgiri silk sarees images

These below are mangalagiri sarees images

mangalagiri sarees online

mangalagiri sarees

mangalagiri handloom sareesmangalagiri silk sarees

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