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uppada pattu sarees / uppada silk sarees

uppada pattu sarees

Uppada pattu sarees weaves in uppada village near Kakinada which is located in Andhra Pradesh state.

Uppada Pattu sarees also called uppada silk sarees. Simply pattu is a Telugu word. In English pattu called as silk. Uppada sarees are weave with cotton warp. Uppada sarees  recreated from old jamdhani method.

Now a days uppada sarees are available in every city, online stores, etc,. cloth showrooms purchase uppada sarees from wholesalers and sometimes they directly purchase from weavers.

Weavers do not use mechanical techniques to produce uppada sarees. uppada sarees defined by breadth count of threads and length. uppada sarees quality checks with count rate for example 100 count, 120 count etc,.

uppada sarees are light weight and comfortable. Minimum two persons required to produce one uppada saree. Mininum 10 to 30 days required to produce uppada saree.

uppada silk sarees

uppada pattu sarees price:

uppada sarees are available in different ranges that is price between minimum 2000 to maximum 15000.


Uppada sarees are little careful, don’t wash uppada pattu saree with hot water. Uppada sarees are wash only with cold water. And Don’t use brush for uppada pattu sarees. After washing saree don’t squeeze and do not twist to avoid damage. Uppada sarees better to wash with shampoo water or give it to dry wash. After washing don’t dry it in direct sunlight.

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