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Chiffon Sarees:

Chiffon fabric was discovered in 1938. The term chiffon is a cloth in the French word. Chiffon sarees are very light weight sarees. Chiffon sarees are very beautiful for women. Now a days many women are preferring to wear chiffon sarees. Because, it’s easy to wear and lightweight.  Chiffon fabric is delicate.

Most of the younger generation of girls are widely using chiffon sarees. chiffon fabric not only used for sarees and also used for scarves, dupattas, lehangas, frocks, anarkalis, etc,. Most chiffon sarees are plain sarees and transparent. chiffon fabric made with silk and nylon.

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Chiffon fabric is mesh like effect so it gives transparent look. designer blouse or floral blouses are suitable for plain chiffon saree. we can dye any colour on chiffon fabric. Chiffon fabric also used for Kurti and kurtas.


Price is different for each chiffon is depends up on the quality. For example if fabric is first quality the price between 1500 to 2000 and more. If fabric is second quality than the price between 500 to 1000. If it is normal quality than the price between 300 to 700.


These sarees are very careful. Because it looses colour if we kept it in water for a longer duration. Better suggestion is give it to roll polishing after 2 to 3 wears. Don’t wash with hot water. After washing don’t dry it in direct sun light.



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